Our Case Studies illustrate stories of transformation with customers across different industries. See how we've guided our clients through their unique business inflection points and set them on the path to success.
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Sendero partnered with a manufacturer to implement a Salesforce CPQ solution to help prioritize potential projects and automate some of the steps involved in the quote drafting ...

A rapidly growing commercial bank needed to transform its treasury management processes into a Salesforce-based solution that would allow for a streamlined workflow, digital document management, and a 360-degree view of the ...

In an effort to build greater competitive advantages in an aggressive beverage and appliance manufacturing market, this client sought out Sendero for its expertise in digital transformation and implementation. ...

While the client focused on ensuring operational reliability, Sendero was engaged to help navigate a multi-million dollar outsourcing contract negotiation with a new data center provider. ...

As a major Consumer Packaged Goods company progressed through its S/4HANA migration, their reliance on manual testing created bottlenecks. Sendero assembled a multi-vendor team to take on the ...

Facing a large merger of international scale, a Fortune 500 company wanted to ensure they had the technology support in place to accommodate a large ...

A leading beverage company needed to refresh their infrastructure — while staying within various constraints. Sendero was engaged to provide the skills needed to drive the complex refresh projects to ...

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The word ‘partner’ is grossly overused—and often misused—in business. A real partner will prioritize your company’s needs equal to their own, and I consider that a win. But a great partner puts your company’s needs ahead of their own and that’s a rare find. Sendero is indeed a great partner. Their team was technically savvy and professional, but what I found most impressive was their sincere desire that our project be a technical and business success. And it was both.

Ernie Cote, CEO, Energy Client


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