Times are changing and so is the utilities customer. We sat down with utilities insider Scott Simari to discuss one of the industry’s more significant trends – the shift towards self-service solutions.

Listen in, as Scott breaks down the ever-changing expectations of customers, examples of effective self-service solutions, and how personalization, enhanced UX/UI, and streamlined mobile apps support a utilities companies goals of customer acquisition and retention.

  • Channels of Self-Service (3:54)
  • Levels of Self-Service (Good to Great) (4:44)
  • ROI of These Channels (6:22)

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Industry Insights: Why Self-Service is Crucial for Utilities Companies

The utilities industry and its customer expectations are evolving. Twenty-four hours before Winter Storm Uri hit Texas, we sat down with utilities insider and Senior Manager at Sendero, Scott Simari, to discuss the rapid shift towards self-service solutions in the industry.
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