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Sendero brings proven skills in strategic planning, technology, and operational implementation to every challenge we take on. In addition to our core skillsets as one of the region’s leading management consulting firms, we also possess a depth of insight into the ideas, innovations, and best practices that are reshaping specific sectors of our economy.

Consumer Packaged Goods

For new and established brands alike, future success depends on their ability to improve efficiencies, reduce costs, attract new customers, boost loyalty, and differentiate themselves.

From production to distribution to marketing, Sendero helps you deploy and support solutions that sharpen your competitive edge. We collaborate with your stakeholders to hammer out a clearly defined vision for your brand, and zero in on the solutions that best achieve your goals.


Change is a constant in the energy industry. From adapting to new technologies, to anticipating shifts in market forces, regulation, and consumer preferences, organizations must be constantly prepared to respond with new processes and business models.

Sendero helps oil and gas companies, pipeline operators, traders, and industrial buyers adapt to ever-changing market conditions. Whether harnessing digital and mobile solutions to drive efficiencies in the field, or leveraging data and analytic capabilities to improve operations, Sendero has the knowledge base and level of expertise needed to help you identify, implement, and optimize effective strategies.


For decades, the financial sector has been at the forefront of harnessing emerging technology to improve performance. Sendero makes sure you have the infrastructure and capabilities you need to move ahead — and stay ahead.

We collaborate with leading banks, insurers, fintech, mortgage lenders, and other financial services firms to open new revenue sources, create new operating models, improve security, and maximize the return from their technology investment. From harnessing advanced data and analytics, to leveraging cloud capabilities, Sendero helps you get where you want to go with speed, agility, and confidence.

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For the healthcare industry, emerging digital and cloud-based technologies represent a massive reservoir of potential improvement — from reducing costs and inefficiencies, to enhancing care and clinical performance, to elevating patient outcomes and experiences.

Sendero collaborates closely with you to make sure your strategies are aligned with the needs of your facility and your market. From there, we leverage best practices and lessons learned from industry leaders, and move your facility ahead quickly and seamlessly.

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What does it take to compete in a demanding and increasingly transparent marketplace? Improved operational efficiency. Streamlined communications with internal and external audiences. Improved retention. Enhanced customer experiences at every touchpoint.

Sendero helps hotels, resorts, convention sites, tourist destinations, and entertainment venues leverage technology and processes so they can more effectively attract, serve, and satisfy their customers.


The manufacturing sector is being redefined by a tidal wave of technologies that drive automation, innovation, and efficiency. While these advances represent tremendous benefits, implementing them into your existing operations can be a mammoth undertaking.

From supply chain to production to operations to distribution, Sendero helps manufacturers evaluate strategies to unleash their potential and prepare them for the road ahead.


Today’s retail environment is changing more rapidly than ever before. Whether you sell online, offline, or both, you face a legion of competitors and disrupters, and an ever-increasing demand to reduce costs, improve efficiencies, and boost sales.

Sendero navigates you through a sea of solutions that leverage data and technology in exciting new ways. Increase market share. Streamline supply chains. Find new customers and retain existing ones. We collaborate with your team to explore the strategies and solutions that will help you thrive in this highly competitive landscape.


From state and local entities, to federal regulators, to business and residential consumers, utilities face endless demands from multiple constituencies.

Whether you operate in a regulated or deregulated market, Sendero can help you identify practical and proven strategies for operating more efficiently and profitably. With consultants who have extensive backgrounds in the industry, we are able to bring the level of insight and experience it takes to make rapid, measurable impact.

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Are you looking for a place where you can collaborate with industry leaders, make your mark, and unleash your potential? Whether you’re an experienced professional or just starting your journey, Sendero may be the perfect path for you.

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