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Because cloud offers so many options, the pricing structures are complex, and discount opportunities are constantly evolving. This can make cloud cost optimization difficult to achieve. ...

What exactly is “transformation” in the context of an organization or company, and why is it important? This article provides an overview of transformation and the role of the Transformation Management Office (TMO) and dives into factors for ...

Managing vendor relationships is never as simple as signing a contract. An effective partnership starts with clear expectations for outcomes, communication, and ...

In response to industry-wide changes, there are two primary mindset shifts that can help position your organization to adapt today and continue to evolve through digital ...

Sendero's financial services team reflected on the rapidly evolving financial landscape at this year's Fintech South in Atlanta. ...

Explore how a PMO strategy can tackle project challenges like scope creep, undefined responsibilities, and departmental silos, helping you regain control and achieve ...

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