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In response to industry-wide changes, there are two primary mindset shifts that can help position your organization to adapt today and continue to evolve through digital ...

Sendero's financial services team reflected on the rapidly evolving financial landscape at this year's Fintech South in Atlanta. ...

Explore how a PMO strategy can tackle project challenges like scope creep, undefined responsibilities, and departmental silos, helping you regain control and achieve ...

Most companies use vendors at some point, especially during times of expansion. Vendors can save the day by providing specific skills or resources, but relationships with vendors can quickly become less productive when there are misaligned ...

Every company is on a customer experience journey, whether they’re on the cutting edge of technology or catching up to the industry standard. No matter where you are, there are tools available to help you reach the next stage and accomplish ...

Change is inevitable, growth is optional. Companies who are embracing change in the workplace know that approaching it with a growth mindset and strategic path is how they will ensure their future is bright. And many start at the heart of a ...

Businesses know there's a need to change their people, processes, or technology to keep up with industry standards and/or demands, let alone to grow. However, a key consideration often missed is how to go about managing that change. Whether the ...

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