Tom Cartwright, Principal



Tom Cartwright was promoted from Senior Manager to Principal. Tom joined our Dallas office as a Senior Manager in 2017. Since joining Sendero, he has leveraged his expertise in Business Architecture, Process Improvement, Supply Chain Management, Sales and Marketing, Finance, Systems Integration, and Analytics to achieve client objectives and deliver results. Learn more by visiting Tom’s promotion announcement.


Jennifer Rossi was promoted from Manager to Senior Manager. Jennifer joined Sendero in 2014 and has led projects in a variety of areas including business process design, project management, organizational change management, and software implementation using traditional and agile methodologies. Her industry experience includes oil & gas, utilities, construction services, and financial services, and she has extensive experience in the non-profit sector.

Sean Sims was promoted from Manager to Senior Manager. Sean joined Sendero in 2016 and has led projects involving strategy, technology, cybersecurity, and compliance. Most recently, he has managed PCI compliance and network security projects. His experience spans the financial services, healthcare, and utilities industries.


Brendan Hopper was promoted from Analyst to Manager. Brendan joined Sendero in 2017 and has experience primarily in the utilities and healthcare industries. Brendan has focused on technology implementations, project management, agile transformations, and mobile enablement during his time at Sendero.

Christina Speros was promoted from Analyst to Manager. Christina joined Sendero in 2019 and has experience in the technology, healthcare, consumer products, and financial services industries. Mostly recently, she has been focused on project management in the healthcare industry.

Hayley Rabe was promoted from Analyst to Manager. Hayley joined Sendero in 2015 and has diverse leadership experience in the utilities, healthcare, beverage, and automotive industries. She is passionate about creative change management, mentorship, and diversity and inclusion, in addition to facilitating Sendero’s book club.

Lauren Beistegui was promoted from Analyst to Manager. Lauren joined Sendero in 2016 and has experience working with utility, nonprofit, and interior surfaces distribution clients. During her time at Sendero, she has focused on organizational change management, project management, technology implementations, and business process analysis.

Mattie Voss was promoted from Analyst to Manager. Mattie joined Sendero in 2018 with a background in retail management. Since then, she has developed industry experience focused on organizational change management, technology implementations, and application upgrades within the healthcare and utilities industries.

Robert Courchesne was promoted from Analyst to Manager. Robert joined Sendero in 2019 with experience across multiple industries performing strategic planning, market analysis, sales enablement, and training. He has served in several programs and project delivery roles at Sendero including technology implementations, project management, process optimization, and change management.


The following employees were promoted from Associate to Analyst: Allayne Babin, Kaila Brooks, Skylar Crosier, Nigel Edward, Jarrett Ferguson, Alexis Frederick, Paul Hernandez, Ben Horton, Sirisha Karri, Macey Knobloch, Kelsey Knorr, Henry Livingston, Hannah Lykins, Allison Powell, Joe Riney, Aneesa Vaidya, Meher Vallabhaneni, James Williams, Caroline Wilson, and Bryan Xiao.

Donna Gerdes, HR Director



Donna Gerdes was promoted from Senior Manager to Director of Human Resources. Donna joined Sendero as a Manager in 2014 and immediately created an impact through her HR expertise. She is responsible for performance management administration, regulatory compliance, salary benchmarking and administration, and plays a key role providing support and guidance for our DE&I efforts. Learn more by visiting Donna’s promotion announcement.


Kelsey Hooten was promoted from was promoted from Manager to Senior Manager of Talent Acquisition. Kelsey joined Sendero in 2012 as a consultant before shifting focus to lead and grow Sendero’s Talent Acquisition team. Her expertise includes university and experienced professional recruiting, interviewing best practices, and employer branding.


Ricky Townsend was promoted from Marketing Senior Specialist to Marketing Manager. Ricky initially joined Sendero in 2012 as an Associate, and returned in 2017 as a Marketing Senior Specialist, helping launch Sendero’s blog, refresh the company newsletter, and head up external video efforts. He is responsible for telling Sendero’s story through the power of video and has a background in writing, producing, and editing.


The following employees were promoted from Specialist to Senior Specialist: Elizabeth Bryant (Organizational Development), Madi Coughlin (Talent & Acquisition), Kylie Diodati (Accounting & Finance), Kara Miller (Marketing).

About Sendero:
Sendero is a management consulting firm dedicated to delivering impactful results for our clients and in our community. Whether a Fortune 100 company, a local non-profit, or an innovative start-up, we strive to help others unleash their potential while upholding the commitment to live our core values. Our experts provide guidance in strategic planning, technology enablement, and organizational effectiveness across a variety of industries. We partner with our clients by designing practical, high-value solutions to their unique challenges. We enable our clients to grow wisely by defining success with them, not for them.

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