DALLAS, TX Sendero, a management consulting firm with expertise delivering strategic planning, technology enablement, and organizational effectiveness solutions, is pleased to announce the hiring of Andrea Jacaman, Senior Manager.

Read on to learn more about Andrea’s path to Sendero.

Tell us about your past work experience.

Before coming to Sendero, I worked for 15 years in consulting and IT in the industry, then took a detour to manage a family business.

While in consulting, I primarily led several large-scale software implementations (both custom development and package integrations) in utilities, telecommunications, and oil and gas. In managing the family business, my time was spent partnering with stakeholders, clients, and providers to resolve problems. I am looking forward to bringing the lessons learned from the variety of these experiences to Sendero.

How did you first hear about Sendero?

I first met Ruth and Bret through mutual friends during our time at Andersen Consulting.  When they heard about my move back to Dallas, Bret told me about an opening on a large-scale integration at TXU Energy.  After I was hired, Bret became my go-to person to learn quickly about all things – where to live in Dallas, the Energy industry, TXU culture, the project architecture and interfaces, and where to get the best BBQ Frito Pie. I respected Bret’s integrity and hard work ethic, always finding time to help others along the way.

About 15 years ago, Bret and I both chose to leave TXU for different reasons. Bret took off on the path to start Sendero.  I knew I wanted to work with Bret again, but the timing hadn’t been quite right. Recently, however, I began to minimize my involvement in the family business and knew I wanted to return to consulting. Sendero was my only choice!

What is a fun fact about you or a secret talent no one knows about?

The same week I got my offer from Sendero, my two sons also received their offers to start working after they graduate in the spring.

Welcome Andrea! To learn more about job opportunities at Sendero, visit our Careers page.

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