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If you’re a college junior with strong academic performance, leadership experience, and an interest in consulting, let’s talk. At Sendero, we expect a lot from our interns — and they expect a lot from us. After a week of training, you’ll have the opportunity to contribute to a management consulting project. We provide the training, tools and relationships. You provide the focus, drive and desire to find out what a career in management consulting is really like.


What To Expect From Your Internship

As an Intern at Sendero, you’ll spend your internship assigned to a real client engagement. You’ll also join a Sendero internal committee, such as our Cares philanthropy committee, DE&I committee, or Wellness committee.

The summer internship program runs 10 weeks, from late May to late July. Mondays through Thursdays, you’ll work on your assigned client project. On Fridays, all interns come together for leadership development, committee projects, and networking. You’ll have the opportunity to present company-wide during an intern developed training session, and at end-of summer presentations.

When an intern shows a strong alignment with our values and ability to grow as a consultant, its not unusual for us to make an offer to join us full-time after graduation. In fact, that’s our ideal outcome for our interns – and for us.

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Sendero's internship program offers undergraduate students the opportunity to work on current client projects, contribute internally to the Dallas office, and have some fun along the way.
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Internship Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where is Sendero’s internship located? Our internship program is based in Dallas. Our Interns experience working onsite at the client, working remotely, and working from Sendero’s headquarters. Much like a full-time consultant, the day to day will vary.
  • Is housing provided for Interns? Interns are responsible for their own housing and relocation expenses.
  • Is Sendero’s internship paid? Yes, our internship program is competitively paid.
  • Do Interns receive paid time off? Yes, our internship program offers 16 hours of paid time off. Even during a quick 10 weeks, it’s important to have flexibility!
  • Tell me about your internship program. Sendero’s internship program is 10 weeks long, and is based in Dallas. Interns will be staffed on a current client project, and will also be assigned to an internal Sendero committee.
  • When can I expect to start my internship at Sendero? Our internship runs from the end of May to the end of July.
  • Do you consider freshmen or sophomores for the internship program? Freshmen and sophomores can apply, but we typically select juniors for our internship program. It is a competitive pool of applicants and we choose a small number of interns. That being said, we’ve had sophomore interns in the past, so it is entirely possible. We encourage freshmen and sophomores to keep in touch and attend our branding events, so they feel better prepared to apply their junior year.
  • Do you consider graduate students for the internship program? Occasionally. The internship program is geared towards entry-level candidates. If the graduate student has professional experience, they may not be a good fit. If the graduate student is part of a 4+1 program or started their graduate program immediately after completing their undergraduate degree, they may be a good candidate for a Sendero internship.
  • If I’m not accepted for the internship program, can I apply next year for full-time opportunities? Yes, please! Our internship program is relatively small, so we highly encourage students that did not receive an internship offer to re-apply for full-time opportunities.
  • When should I apply for the internship program? Our pool of prospects is very small and competitive. We recommend applying during the Fall semester to ensure you do not miss out on the opportunity.
  • How do I apply to Sendero’s internship? To apply, simply visit your campus job board for the link to our internship. You’ll need a copy of your resume and unofficial transcript to apply.
  • How soon after submitting my application will I hear from you? We’re always excited to explore opportunities with new potential team members. You’ll hear from our recruiting team within two weeks of submitting your application, whether you are invited to move forward in the recruiting process or not.
  • Can I edit my application? Once your job application has been submitted, you may not make any edits. However, you may reapply in the event of any errors.
  • Does Sendero sponsor work visas? No. As a small but growing firm, we are not prepared to do so at this time.
  • What is the best way for me to stay updated on career opportunities at Sendero? Follow us on LinkedIn and Instagram. We regularly post our open roles here.
  • What are the steps of the recruiting process? Our process starts with the application. Once you apply, the recruiter who will be facilitating your process will schedule a quick phone call (if you did not speak to them at a career fair). Next, there will be one round of interviews.
  • I was invited to interview. What should I expect? Our interview is comprised of two back-to-back interviews with consultants on our management team. Each interview usually lasts about an hour.
  • How long does the decision process take? A decision is typically made within 1-2 weeks from the final interview. However, this may vary depending on the urgency of the position, current workload and other factors.


Are you looking for a place where you can collaborate with industry leaders, make your mark, and unleash your potential? Whether you’re an experienced professional or just starting your journey, Sendero may be the perfect path for you.

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